Blocktap by the Numbers

30.7 Thousand
Collections per second
32.2 Billion
Total trades collected
72.6 Billion
Total time series data points
Assets available
Markets available
46.3 Million
Results queried in last month

GraphQL Unparalleled Query Power

Blocktap created the industry's most powerful query language for digital assets using GraphQL. Our API enables viewing data across exchanges, markets, assets, and Bitcoin on-chain data from a single query. Blocktap delivers data tailored to your needs unlike any other API.

Blocktap has open-high-low-close-volume (OHLCV) candles for thousands of markets across time periods as small as 1 minute. We calculate candles directly from raw trade data and use a multi-step process to ensure our candles are of the highest accuracy.

Blocktap time series returns statistics aggregated into time buckets. It supports market price statistics as well as statistics on peer-to-peer networks.

Blocktap collects and analyzes Bitcoin on-chain data to build statistics available in time series. You can also directly access standard Bitcoin API data endpoints.

Blocktap collects market snapshots for price and volume movements over the past 24-hours. Our tickers are processed from our raw data feeds and have milliseconds of latency.


We've built an institutional-grade data collection and processing system. Accuracy and availablility are crucial to handling financial data. Our system is multi-way redundant to ensure feed interuptions, network outages, or hardware failures never impact our ability to collect data or deliver it to users.
We collect raw trade and order book streams and use our powerful processing system to build meaningful statistics that are easy to consume. The end result is a a vast archive of raw data and an easy to consume time series data warehouse.
Making sense of the data is a large task. We standardize market symbols across all exchanges so you can find the market data you need. Data is available via our powerful GraphQL API.
Market data